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Application Virtualization Client service fails to start on Windows 2008

 Description of Error:
Windows could not start the application virualization client service on local computer.
Error 1114: A dynamic link library (DLL) initilization routine failed.

Solution1: Our previous global data directory was set ioncorrectly and preventing the service from starting (weird I know)
Change the Previous GLobal Data Dir to match that of GlobalDataDirectory in the windows registry
Our service started immediately after this change.

reregister all dll’s, and MOF files – we found the script from this blog – thanks goes to Jeff for posting this one up.

Solution3: The WMI repository on the local server was corrupted (you can test this by going to the service properties and clicking the dependencies tab and you may get a WMI: Error)
At that stage you need to reinatsll / reregisted all WMI files, dlls etc – or restore the WMI repository from another working server
1) wmimgmt.msc – on a remote working server, right click properties, Backup/Restore tab, backup now (will save file locally)- restore this file to the broken server via the same method – only clicking the ‘Restore Now’

Other References / URLs: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931096


  1. JRR says:

    Thanks for this – not sure whether solution 1 or 2 did the trick but I did both and now my broken App-V service is back in business 🙂

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