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Published applications launching explorer instead of initial application for specific users

Problem: When users open a new published application the application was not loading, and launching a published desktop instead.

There is little in the way of things logged in the windows event log.

We tried a number of KB articles and Support ideas from forums.
none of which worked

We also tried

Change the colour depth of the published app to match the desktop (24bit) – FAIL
Change colour depth to less than core desktop – FAIL
Changed to run as a ‘non seamless’ app – FAIL
Launching published app-v app – FAIL
Launching just executable (IE)- FAIL
Delete the users roaming profile – FAIL
Duplicate the troubled Account in AD – OK seamless all ok.

Exact Error Message
You have started windows explorer in your ICA Seamless sesson. This will obscure your local explorer desktop.
To re-enable the ica seamless connection, please log off and restart the seamless remote application.

Edit the troubled account/s with ADSI Edit and clear the userParameters section of their AD account. be sure to WAIT for AD replication if citrix servers or users are geographically dispursed or in different AD sites etc.


Windows Server 2008 SP2
Citrix Xenappp 5.0

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