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Domain Join fails with 'network location cannot be reached'

Scenario:  When trying to join a domain with any windows flacour pc or server sometimes you will get the following ambigious error. The network is UP, the machine is pingable and DNS resolves as expected.

Error Message: The Following error occured attempting to join the domain “”: The network location cannot be reached. For information about network troubleshooting, see Windows Help.






Solution: Ensure that client for microsoft networks is ticked / enabled under the proprties of the ‘domain’ network interface card


    • JS says:

      Can you confirm you can contact the domain? Is your local DNS setup correctly? Can you ping the NETBIOS name of the FQDN of the domain name?
      For example: if you domain is home.local from a command prompt window can you ping both “home” and “home.local”?

  1. Nitai says:

    If the client for microsoft network is visible and checked and you still can’t rejoin the domain do the following:

    click on client for microsoft networks and uninstall this
    reboot the machine
    go back to the properties of your network card and click install, client , reinstall the client for microsoft networks
    reboot the machine
    try to rejoin the domain

    did the trick for me

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