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Hide Libraries and Network in Microsoft Office (x86) AND Windows Explorer (x64)


We had hidden the Libraries and Network links in the explorer bar on our Citrix XenAPp 6.5 servers, but for some reason they continued to appear inside Office and some other applications.

Turns out the common element was 32bit apps were all still able to see libraries and Network locations etc particularly when saving files in Word or excel.



(screenshot shown above from windows 7 device, its exactly the same view we want to restrict however in terminal server / windows 2008 r2)


There are two registry locations for libraries and network etc, 64bit and 32bit, edit them all as follows, be sure to assign permission to these keys as administrator first!

64bit Favorites key is:
Attributes: a9400100

64Bit Libraries key is:
Attributes:b090010d (hide)
Attributes:b080010d (default – show)

64bit Network key is:
Attributes: B0940064

HIDE 32 bit verison of the same for 32bit apps
32bit Favorites key is:

32Bit Libraries key is:

32bit Network key is:


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