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Storefront 2.5 'Cannot Complete your Request'

Ive seen this error a number of times:

  1. Misconfiguration of storefront server itself
  2. The server has just rebooted and IIS is still starting up
  3. A firewall preventing the storefront server(s) getting back to the SNIP of the Netscaler(s)
  4. and now today…

Today I added a new Delivery controller in Storefront 2.5 so I could publish ‘XD’ resources.

In the XD7.6 studio console I created a new machine catalogue and delivery group called ‘J&J Testing’

When accessing the delivery group in the Studio it looked fine

When testing the login process via storefront we received ‘Cannot complete your request’.

Removing the ‘XD’ from the list of delivery controllers in storefront – worked instantly, storefront logins working again
This was not a solution however.

Deleting the delivery group ‘J&J Testing’ and re-adding the ‘XD DDC’ back to storefront as a delivery controller worked straight away.

Solution: Can only assume here that the ‘&’ ampersand in the name of the delivery group killed the publication there of, or the delivery group publication process failed and a recreate was required.

Eitherway dont use ‘&’


  1. Boris Groenhout says:

    We also have had an issue with StoreFront 3.5 beside Web Interface 5.4.2 on the same server.

    Error “Cannot complete your request” on the Store WebSite
    Event “An error occured while contacting the Discovery Service” + “The underlaying connection was closed: An unexpected error occured on a send. URL ” on the StoreFront Server were gone after a modification in IIS.

    Go to Default Website – Bindings.
    Edit the https binding and define the IP Address to: ALL Unassigned

    Earlier there was a https binding made to the IP address of the StoreFront/Web Server with the error as result.

    Now URLS and https://localhost/Citrix/SITE/discovery on the StoreFront Server will result in an “discovery.cr” file also and the Store WebSite will display the username and password field.

    Fixed 😉

  2. Amar Honnungar says:

    Ensure that the ROOT cert and Intermediate Cert used for binding on Netscaler vServer i.e., End Entity Certificate -> intermediate 2 -> intermediate 1 ( cross sign certificate ) -> sha-1 root or sha-2 root are all installed on the storefront cert store (MMC- Certificate snapin- Trusted and intermediate store (Add respective files here)). This was missed out on my storefront servers. Its still intriguing why https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms995347.aspx root and intermediate certs were not available on Storefront servers which should be pushed in the form of patching.

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