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Configure NetScaler Gateway with Split Tunnelling

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 1 In order that our users devices know which network is ‘local’ and which network is remote we need to define our remote network resources
2 First we ensure that split tunnelling is enabled

NetScaler gateway > Global Settings > Change Global Settings

Click the Client experience tab

Change Split Tunnel* to ON

Click OK

3 Expand NetScaler gateway > Resources > Intranet Applications

Click Add

4 Here we add the remote networks we want the users / VPN tunnel to have access to when the Gateway client is logged on

In this example we will use the full home.local network

Click Create

5 Browse back to NetScaler gateway > Global Settings tab

Click Define intranet applications…

6 Click Add
 7 Click the Right Arrow (or the + symbol next to the Resource) to include the new Intranet Resources for our Split Tunnel
8 Click OK
 9 Save your NetScaler configuration
 10 Test your VPN connectivity

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