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Deploy a Citrix StoreFront Server for Citrix NetScaler Access

In the following steps we will detail how to configure a stand alone installation of Citrix Storefront and give examples of how to connect this to your Citrix NetScaler

Step Description Screenshot
1 Open the Citrix StoreFront Console

Expand Citrix StoreFront

Click Stores

Click Create Store

2 Click Next
3 Give the store a name

Select Set this receiver for Web site as IIS Default

Click Next

4 Click Add

On the Add Delivery Controller screen click Add

Add Delivery Controllers FQDN

Untick Servers are load balanced

Select Transport type as HTTP

(you should use HTTPS if the SF server is in a DMZ or for extra security)

Click OK

 5 Click Next
 6 Enable Remote Access

Ensure Allow Users to access resources only delivered through StoreFront (No VPN Tunnel) is selected

Click Add

7 Enter details for the new gateway

Example: my gateway is called gateway.jsconsulting.services and the URL is https://gateway.jsconsulting.services

Click Next

 8 On the STA Screen

Click Add

Enter the FQDN of the Citrix XA/XD server

 9 Enter the FQDN of the STA server

Click OK

10 Untick Load balance multiple sta servers

Tick Enable session reliability

Untick request tickets from two stas, where available

Click Next

 11 Enter the NetScaler details – Leave logon type as domain

Enter Callback URL as the same entered in step 6 https://gateway.jsconsulting.services

Click Create

12 Click Finish
 13 Ensure default appliance is the NetScaler appliance created / added in steps 1 through 12

Click Next

 14 Ensure that both methods of Authentication are selected – Username and password and Pass through from NetScaler Gateway

Click Next

15 Leave both options ticked

Click Create

16 Click Finish
 17 Back in the StoreFront console click Receiver for Web Sites tab and copy your StoreFront URL

Open your internet browser and test this URL




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