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Citrix NetScaler Certificates – Submit to 3rd Party CA

Submitting the CSR to a 3rd party CA – Comodo Free SSL

We now need to take our CSR created in the previous section and submit that to a 3rd Party Certificate Authority or CA to verify our CSR and provide us with a certificate response we can combine with our CSR and generate the SSL certificate. For the purposes of this demonstration we will use Comodo as our 3rd Party CA, however there are many vendors you can choose from some are free (with restictions) others you must pay for your certificate(s).

Step Description Screenshot
 1 First we need to download our CSR for easy access from the NetScaler

Expand Traffic Management > SSL > SSL Files > CSRs tab

Tick the newly created .csr file and click Download

 2 We are going to browse to comodo and apply for a FREE SSL Certificate https://ssl.comodo.com/free-ssl-certificate.php
 3 Click the big Free Trial SSL button
4 Open the downloaded CSR file from step 1 and copy and paste the entire contents into the Comodo SSL site

Select Citrix as the Server software

Click Next

5 Comodo will then perform a domain ownership verification

In the example shown to keep it simple I will select the registered email address for jsconsulting.services from (WHOIS)

6 Enter your details for registration of the Certificate and for access to the COMODO SSL Site

7 Read the terms thoroughly and Accept if you are ready to continue
 8 Validate the email sent to your WHOIS registered email

 9 Download the CSR Files as a zip


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