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Configure Citrix NetScaler Gateway – ICA Proxy

In this guide we will connect the Citrix NetScaler to our Citrix XA/XD Environment for ICA proxy (Citrix Sessions without VPN).

Here you will see how quickly you can set up, secure and enable remote access to your Citrix environment via the NetScaler Gateway.

NOTE: you must have an active Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop server and a StoreFront server to proceed with the following steps.

Overview Diagram


Item Description
 * DNS is configured on the NetScaler correctly to resolve inside DNS addresses
 * The internal or private IP Address of the VIP assigned to the NetScaler Gateway *
 * Know the details of your Citrix Server STA (our Citrix DDC(s))
 * Firewall ports are open between the NetScaler and the StoreFront server
 * XenAPp / XenDesktop and StoreFront already configured and setup (otherwise retrieve attributes won’t work)
 * A Certificate for your NetScaler Gateway FQDN  is already installed on the NetScaler


Configure the NetScaler Gateway for XA/XD – Wizard

Step Description Screenshot
 1 Log into NetScaler GUI
2 Under Integrate with Citrix Products – Click XenApp and XenDesktop

Click Get Started

3 Ensure StoreFront Is selected and Click Continue on the Prerequisites

NOTE: you must have an active Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop server and a StoreFront server to proceed with the following steps. If not – please just follow along this guide to understand the steps involved.

4 Provide the details that are relevant to your StoreFront and Citrix XenApp setup

Gateway FQDN: gateway.jsconsulting.services

Gateway IP Address: Inside private IP address for the Virtual Server. (aka VIP)

Port: 443 (SSL)

Redirect: Tick this option if you are also forwarding http traffic to this VIP so the NetScaler will redirect the users to https.

Then click Continue

Note: In this guide we are using the following specific details as working examples – you should use the appropriate settings for your environment

 5 Because we enabled port 80 redirection the wizard will enable the LoadBalancing Feature on the NetScaler – Click Yes
 6 Select the certificate you have previously installed on the NetScaler.

Note: you should have the complete certificate chain installed on the NetScaler – a later video will go through these steps to ensure the complete Certificate chain is installed.

Click Continue

7 Keep Authentication as Domain

Select Use Existing Server

Select the server that has the ‘NSUsers’ profile associated (will be listed in order of creation so usually the second server in the list if you have followed our other guides)

8 Click Continue
 9 Enter the details of your StoreFront server

The retrieve stores button will not work if the StoreFront server is not configured. You will not be able to proceed with this wizard if you can’t ‘retrieve store’ as the wizard will not let you proceed manually


In this example our StoreFront and Citrix XenApp are installed on the same box so the URLs can point to the same server

 10 Click Continue
 11 On the summary pages, now all the basic settings have been entered you can click Done

If you want to learn more about Citrix NetScaler check out our online NetScaler course at www.mastersof.cloud

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