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Create Authorization Policies for NetScaler Gateway

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1 Expand >NetScaler Gateway > Global Settings > Change Global Settings
2 Click Security tab

Change Default Authorization Action to DENY

Note: This change will affect all Gateways configured on the NetScaler that do not specifically reverse.

3 Expand NetScaler Gateway > Policies > Authorization Policies

Click Add

4 Create a new policy

In this example we will call it AuthPol_VPN_192.168.1.1 as the only ‘destination’ this policy will allow is to

5 Click Switch to Classic Syntax

Click Expression Editor

6 Enter the IP address details into the Expression Editor of the destination IP you want to allow access to
7 Click Create

Note: the Reg Expression has been ‘built for you by the editor’ you can type these manually if you know the commands (or find them online!)

8 Bind this new policy to a NetScaler User

NetScaler Gateway > User Administration >AAA Users

Select the user + Edit

Click + Authorization Policies

Select the Authorization policy

Click Bind

Tip: to bind this to LDAP users you must have username locally that matches

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