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Create a NetScaler Gateway Preauthentication Policy

Step Description Screenshot
1 Expand >NetScaler Gateway > Policies > Preauthentication
2 Click Add
3 Name the policy something like PreAuthPol_Notepad-is-running

Click the + next to Request Action

Note: you can call it whatever you want, I like to keep a standard format when creating policies and profiles so they are distinguishable in the various screens and in the ns.conf file as well

 4 Click Create
5 Click Expression Editor

Select Expression Type of: Client Security

Component: Process

Name*: notepad.exe

Operator: EXISTS

Then click Done

 6 Note the expression is automatically created for you now as CLIENT.APPLICATION.PROCESS(notepad.exe) EXISTS


 7 Click Create
 8 Bind the new policy globally

Select NetScaler Gateway > NetScaler Gateway Policy Manager

 9 Click the + on AAA Global
 10 Click Add Binding
11 Click in the Click to Select
12 Select the only PreAuthPolicy available

Click Select

 13 Click Bind
 14 Click Done
15 Click Done
16 Browse to the gateway and check that before you type in any authentication credentials that the EPA scan is invoked

Click Yes

 17 EPA Scan with notepad not running
18 EPA Scan with notepad Running

Your users can now authenticate

 19 Authenticate against the NetScaler page again and then confirm you can access all NetScaler resources

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