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Delete Storefront store from Citrix receiver.

Follow this one at your own risk, it hasn’t been thoroughly tested other than testing the fact the storefront site has actually been ‘removed’ so the end user is prompted to install / log in again.

Scenario: Client upgrading from 1.2 storefront, wanted to change names or url, store and cert. Wanted 2.1 storefront. Didnt want to upgrade or migrate.

Solution: We installed a separate 2.1 storefront server, configured it accordingly. Published the site, tested the site, then change the _citrixreceiver SRV record so the end users could enter their EMAIL address in the receiver login page. The existing store would still exist and duplicate icons would show and various other pain occurred unless the end users removed the original storefront store.

This could be manually done from the receiver or alternatively we ran a GPO on a per user basis (run once) to delete the following keys (we only had one site – so it didnt matter if we wiped the whole key/store)

  • HKCUSoftwarecitrixdazzle*
  • HKCUSoftwarecitrixreceiverSR*
  • HKCUSoftwarecitrixreceiverctxaccount*

This cleared the remembered store entries on the local W7 host and the users were prompted to type in their email details to connect to the storefront again – only this time because the _srv record was updated they connected to the new site.

Clunky, but so far it has worked, everytime.

Im sure there are plenty of other better ways of doing this, please do let me know if you have any advice / ideas ! We also tried the receiver clean up utility, which completely removes the receiver but somehow managed to leave some of the start menu shortcuts behind and didnt run for every user correctly..

Appsense Events not deleting

Problem: Appsense database is growing over time. The EVENTS table is huge.

Solution: (at the time of writing this article) Appsense do not have an event management / retention period. It simply records all events indefinitely. Run the following script on the database server.

—–Begin SQL script, select and copy into a text file and rename it to .sql extension; run on SQL server that holds AppSense database
— Set the following to the database that this script operates on USE [DatabaseName]
— This represents the number of days to preserve events for
— i.e. ‘7’ will delete events older than one week DECLARE @ageOfEvents INT SET @ageOfEvents = 7
— Delete the events
DECLARE @eventCount INT
SET @oldestEventTime = DATEADD (DD, -@ageOfEvents, GETUTCDATE()) PRINT N’Deleting events older than ‘ + CONVERT(NVARCHAR(32),
EXEC Event_DeleteFromTime NULL, @oldestEventTime, 0, @eventCount OUTPUT PRINT CONVERT(NVARCHAR(12), @eventCount) + N’ events deleted’
—–End SQL script