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There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.

We have 2 domains ABC (Windows nt4.0) and ABCDEF (Windows 2003)
User logs onto XP PC in ABCDEF domain as ABC user
User cant connect to mapped drive on SERVER1 in ABCDEF domain.
All access from other servers in both directions seems to work, trusts are working and validated.

From the NT4.0 (DC for ABC domain) access to all other servers in the 2003 ABCDEF domain was working except for the SERVER1 (2003 Server – hosting the mapped drive) in the ABCDEF domain.

After numerous things like clearing DNS and WINS caches.
Our solution was simply restart the netlogon service on the affected ABCDEF 2003 server.
Access was then instant from the NT4.0 server/sĀ and mapped drives started working again.