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Firmware Upgrade a Citrix NetScaler High Availability Pair

In this section we will walk through how to perform a simple firmware upgrade of the our Production NetScalers which are in a HA availability pair.

Upgrading the Passive node first, disabling HA sync, rebooting then confirm the device is OK before forcing a HA failover and repeating the upgrade steps on the other NetScaler.

Step Description Screenshot
 1 Download the latest firmware for Citrix NetScaler VPX
2 Open a PuTTy session and SSH to the Passive NetScaler and login as nsroot

Type ‘shell’

3 browse to /var/nsinstall by typing

‘cd /var/nsinstall’

 4 Create a new directory called 12nsinstall


‘mkdir 12nsinstall’

 5 Open WinSCP
6 Browse to the newly created directory in the WinSCP console /var/nsinstall/12nsinstall

Upload the NetScaler firmware downloaded in step 1

7 When copying completes

extract the tar file


‘tar -zxvf ./build-12.0-41.22_ns_32.tgz’

8 Stop the replication between the NetScalers set ha node -hasync disabled

Note: newer versions of NetScaler will do this automatically when they detect a Version mismatch.

 9 Once extraction is complete run the upgrade script

type ‘./installns’

10 Reboot the NetScaler

Type ‘y’ and press enter / return key

11 Ensure the NetScaler has rebooted without errors or issues and then failover the NetScalers.

From the NetScaler shell type ‘force HA failover’

12 Repeat all the above steps on the other NetScaler (the now passive server)


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