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Xen Desktop 5.6 Join to VMWARE fails

Problem: When pointing Xen Desktop 5.6 to a VMWARE management center you may receive the following error.

Error Message: Unable to contact the hypervisor. Check that the address, user name, and password are correct; the Controller and hypervisor are connected; and the SSL certificates have been set up correctly if you are using HTTPS. For more information see: CTX131512

Solution: Easy one really

  1. Ensure you are connecting to the Virtual Center server NOT the ESX or ESXi host itself.
  2. Install the certificate of the Virtual Center server into Trusted People Local Computer store (I just browsed to the site in IE and installed from there)
  3. Ensure you are using HTTPS in the Xen Desktop Wizard
  4. Ensure you place a /sdk after the Virtual Center servers https address ie.. https://vc.home.local/sdk

References: http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX131512