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XenCentre rolling pool upgrade greyed out

Situation: Rolling pool upgrade was greyed out for the two XenServer 6.0.2 hosts I had in a resource pool. The option to tick and select them all existed – but wouldnt ‘stick’

Solution:┬áSimple one this one – it was more me being dense. Need to make sure your XenCenter console is first upgraded to the new version. (I though I had already performed this, but the admin machine I was on had its snapshot reverted!) The console will not tell you there is nothing to upgrade or that your xencentre needs to be upgraded.


Upgrade XenCentre Console on my admin box to 6.x

Mount CD and setup NFS share for data / XenServer 6.x upgrade

Open the XenCentre Console and select Tools > Rolling Pool upgrade

Select the servers – FINALLY progress to the next step!

xen server pool window greyed out
xen server pool window greyed out