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Citrix XenApp 6.5 session sharing broken through Secure Gateway 3.1.2


When launching PNAgent apps from a published desktop the session sharing would intermittently break.

When running the desktop inside the network, it would generally behave, externally via the Citrix Secure Gateway the session sharing wouldn’t work, a separate session would launch for most if not all of the Citrix applications published via PNAgent or the app wouldnt start at all.

Some apps would work and not others. I deleted any non working apps, copied a working application and renamed / resetup the application and that application would launch for a time.

The following KB articles and sites were visited and their fixes were implemented first.

http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX126839 – How to Set Up Session Sharing Precedence Over Load Balancing in a XenApp Farm

http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/xenapp65-admin/lm-using-attach-loadval-all.html – Changed the server LB policies (I only had the default rule assigned)

Delete and recreated the applications fresh *this worked for a time.

But after numerous attempts of logging in with fresh profile or existing users – the experience wasnt consistent, and still breaking via Secure Gateway.


We were running PNAgent on the published desktop, an upgrade to of the citrix online plugin fixed these session sharing issues.

*We were avoiding the upgrade to the receiver at this stage as there was no storefront (though its not required) and the CIO still requires the users to have dynamic start menu, desktop and taskbar icons to launch applications.

RDP session Cut and Paste not working under Citrix


Published RPD Desktop was not copying and pasting, yet a direct RDP to the same server worked.


The citrix session sharing was not working for the published application. The citrix server was launching a fresh session on another server (ICA Desktop > Ica Server > RDP > Desktop)

No wonder the Cut and Paste was confused / broken.

The published application was edited to REMOVE the tick in Access Control tab for the published app “Allow Connection made through Access Gateway”

Session sharing then worked (i.e the executable just opened directly on the current users desktop) and cut and paste worked as expected.