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CloudReady Not Playing Audio from MP4 Video Files

When using CloudReady OS it was noticed that downloaded (files saved directly on the device) mp4 and other video files were not playing audio when using the local ChromeOS player / default video player and the sound icon is greyed out. This also included previewing the same files direct from Google Drive.

(Update, another reader advised this is due to the retirement of Adobe Flash- TBC)


Install the proprietary Media Components now available from CloudReady

Actual solution available from cloudready

You may automatically see this prompt

If you dont see the prompt above simply click the bottom right hand side taskbar and then the settings Cog
Click ‘Install’ next to Proprietary Media Compoments
Read the Licence Agreement then click ‘Accept License’
Reboot your cloudready device

WorkArounds / Alternatives

If for whatever reason the proprietary media components don’t work you could alternatively install VLC as below. Note: This will not work with the native Browser / File integration you would need to browser for and open the video file from within VLC at all times in order for it to work.


Downloaded VLC for Chrome OS HERE
Click ‘add to chrome’ button
Click ‘Add App’
Click Launch App
VLC will prompt for a folder to browse, I selected Downloads directory and clicked open:
VLC will open the directory previously selected (in this example ‘Downloads’ and the video file(s) can be selected and opened inside VLC:
When opening any downloaded videos VLC should be accessed first from the Chrome ‘Start’ Menu. At the time of writing there wasn’t a way to replace the default local video player.
Newly added videos to the downloads directory will automatically appear in the ‘Video’ section of VLC